Free and Instant File Sharing

If you have some files or applications and you want to share it on the web. You may go through many websites which provide file sharing across the web, but most of the sites are either paid or not support a huge space for sharing heavy files.

Here is a solution for this problem. You can go to which provides a free and fast file sharing on the web. It is easy too. You just have to upload your files on this website and share the link.

Step 1:- Click on the select file and select the file which you want to share. It takes only 2 to 30 seconds to start uploading.

Step 2: - As soon as the upload process start, a link is automatically generated. You can share this link with your friends on the other side of the web.

This site provides instant sharing. There is no need to sign up or create an account to share files. It supports all type of files.

This website also provides a facility that you can download via link while uploading your files. It means that as soon as uploading process start you can also download at the same time.

Here is the link for the website.

Chrome OS :- Google’s New Operating System

Google is now going to launch a new operating system called Chrome OS. It is a Linux based open-source operating system. Google announced it on July 7, 2009 and it will be available 2010 onwards.

Google’s new operating system will not like any other operating system. It is suitable for web applications. Google’s operating System only works with specific hardware from It’s partners.

Google’s Chrome OS will looks like It’s chrome browser. It supports remote application access. It is originally designed for Notebooks not for PCs. Google Chrome’s OS will sixth time lighter than Windows 7. It is an operating system which will much use of remote server for data and applications. A media player will also inbuilt in it.  

With A lot of feature and standard security parameters, Google wants to capture the market of internet users. This platform is basically designed for internet users.

Let’s watch how Google new marketing strategy will work.

Parental Control in Win 7

Do your children spend much time on computer and you want to stop it. Now you have a best option with Microsoft’s Windows 7. This operating system helps you to customize uses of particular system. Now you can manage how your children use your computer. You can mange hours of uses, programs and games.

It is very easy to use. But its first condition is that you have an administrator account and your children have standard user accounts.

Process to turn on the parental control:

1. Open the Control Panel and go to the user account section.
2. Click on the particular standard account that you want to control.
3. Under Parental Control section click on enforce current setting option.
4. After turning On the parental control for the standard user account, you can adjust the following setting as your                 requirement.

  1. Time Setting
  2. Games Setting.
  3. Allow or block specific program

Now don’t worry about your system and children… Be Relaxed.